October 2014

Day Two

Another very nice day.  This part of the trip, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, really excites me.  The fall color, the almost mountainess weaving of the highway, the broad valley vistas.  It all makes me feel incredibly at peace with life.  And there has got to be more than a thousand Black Cherry trees growing in those forests.  The road took me up to over 2000 feet in altitude.

Day One

What a wonderful day to be on the road.  The sky was blue and there was plenty of sun.  Traffic wasn't bad except for Chicago.  Chicago is Chicago. 

There were more squad cars along the way than I have ever seen before.  And even an overturned semi in the ditch alonside the interstate.  I missed that picture.

2014-Washington (DC) Craft Show

All is set to travel east, once again, to exhibit in a craft show.  This trip will clear two entrys on my bucket list.   Also this trip is the first time in my life that I will be exhibiting for two weekends in  back to back shows.

Version 2014

Every couple of years I try to make some of my Oval Tambour Boxes.  It is a project of love where improving technique seems to provide most of the enjoyment.  This time I need to make boxes to round out my display at the upcoming shows.