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The 14th Day

Today was the fourteenth day of my trip.  I spent it driving the width of Pennsylvania and a bit of Ohio toward home.  I managed to go through four tunnels as well.  As I am putting this blog bit together I am real tired so this will be short.  Here are some tunnel pictures.  I missed the first tunnel.


Day Six - Last Show Day and Load-out

Today was busier than I had expected it would be.  Sundays are usually slow.  Lots more compliments.  The Oval Tambour Desk continued to stop people in their tracks and bring them into the booth.

Day Five - Another Long Day

Friday was another long day full of compliments and adoration of the work I brought to the show.   And occasionally I was able to get out to see other work a bit closer.  The exhibitor’s lounge again provided coffee and other food items to keep me all fluffy and chatty.

Day Four - A Very Long Day

A woman walked into my booth and asked if I had ever done this show before.  I told her that I did, indeed, exhibit once before, many, many years ago.  Long before the convention center days.  She lifted her spread arms in a gesture of "and here it all is, again".  She told me how she has loved her Oval Tambour Box all these years.  

Day Three - Preview Party

Today is the first day of the show with the preview party in the evening.  I eventually went in to finish setting up my booth.  Then off to the Reading Terminal Market to see for myself what my friends told me about the place.  It was most amazing.  I causally strolled down the aisles taking in the pastry, vegetables, fish, and people.  Arriving at the Down Under Diner found me quickly in a booth ordering this.


Day Two - Setup

I was to arrive at 11:30AM to get in line before entering the convention center.  I was on time and the line inched forward.  Maybe 20 minutes and I was headed to my space on the floor.  I unloaded in short order and parked my car back at the hotel parking lot.  I set up my display all the way to 6:00PM.  Everything is done except pricing.

Day One

Today I drove from Washington DC to my hotel in Philadelphia.  The 2.5 hour drive took much longer because I made several stops along the way.  Arriving at the hotel went smoothly.  I checked in and a staff person found me a cart which he took up to my room while I parked Ody at a nearby surface lot.  I wish I knew "tipping etiquette" but I went with a $2 tip for his prompt and courteous assistance.  I then unpacked my stuff and moved in.  After a short nap I went out to procure supplies.

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