Spine Surgery 2023


June 22, 2022 

After 23 minutes with a PA in neurosurgery, the PA left to consult with a neurosurgeon. Eventually she returned with a neurosurgeon and the conversation focused on "expectations". You see, the MRI images clearly show the need of surgery, but my symptoms do not mesh with the pictures! The result is that the surgery will happen, but my expectations may not be met. I can't continue with the way I am! I requested the surgery be performed in early April, 2023.

April 11, 2023

It is The End of a Season

2020 was my very first year to recognize the end of my encore career as a furniture maker, the end of a season.  The perils of this most difficult year made the acceptance of this change tolerable.  Having found another interest also eased this transition.  So this leaves me with several hundred board feet of prime furniture making lumber and a few pieces of furniture that remain unclaimed.  My shop will be retained until all personal projects are completed.  My web site, will also be retained.  But the leftover fu


Our toilet started to “ghost flush” indicating a very small leak from the tank to the bowl.  Every 15 minutes we would hear this sound of the tank filling.  This started about a month ago.  I started to replace the easier parts used in the flushing process starting with the flapper.  No luck, the ghostly activities continued.  Next was the float “thingy”, again, no luck.  All that was left was the tank to basin connection.  It was decided to replace the turn-off valve, at the wall, as well.  That would require turning off the wate

Eternal Resting Place

Yesterday evening my best friend and I drove out to the place where my ashes will be scattered and my eternity will be spent.

2010 Cherry Oval Tambour Desk - Available to Purchase - $2000

This Cherry Oval Tambour Desk, made in 2010, has become available for purchase.  It is located in Tennessee and the asking price is $2000.

The design for this desk was inspired by the Oval Tambour Box series and the traditional roll top desk with its pigeon holes and small draws.

This desk is 40 inches wide by 28 inches deep by about 37 inches tall (48 inches tall with the pigeon hole raised). It has a tambour (roll top).

This desk features a pigeon hole that lifts up with a lever mechanism and has two draws with French bottoms.

My First Makita 4x24 Belt Sander

For the last nine years I have limited my procurement of 4x24 belt sanders to used ones.  They were usually some model of a Porter Cable sander.  PC sanders are heavier sanders than the Milwaukee belt sanders I preferred back in the day.  Milwaukee stopped making them and I found that used ones are all crapped up so I decided to try a Makita 4x24 sander, brand spanking new.  It comes with a very long cord.















The Giant Hafele Catalog

One day, recently, I signed up for an account with Hafele so I could buy directly from them.  Once all signed up I got a welcoming email offering me a $25 coupon withan expiration of 30 days from the date of the email.

It was after all that that I discovered I would have to order $750 to meet their minimum order.  Well, isn't that sweet.

Two weeks later I receive this rather heavy package from an unknown entity.













My Old Shaper Morphed Into A Router Table

I finally completed the transformation of my old Delta HD shaper into a router table.  I have long felt that router tables were a weak substitute for a good shaper.  That feeling was greatly modified by the last three years of a very idle shaper and constant use of a home brew router table utilizing a plywood top covered with plastic laminate.  My work, now,  is well suited to a good router table.  

2016 American Fine Craft Show Washington

2016 American Fine Craft Show Washington

October 21

Replacing Luggage Wheels

We recently purchased a couple pieces of luggage from Rick Steve’s at   Somehow I got interested in what happens if the wheels ever break.  I googled the subject and learned that repair of broken wheels is rarely covered by the manufacturer.  They may offer to fix the broken wheel but the cost could approach the price of a new bag.  If you choose to own a Cadillac of luggage then the company will repair the bag no matter what happened to it.  Of course, you still have to get the damaged bag to

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