Day Two

Another very nice day.  This part of the trip, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, really excites me.  The fall color, the almost mountainess weaving of the highway, the broad valley vistas.  It all makes me feel incredibly at peace with life.  And there has got to be more than a thousand Black Cherry trees growing in those forests.  The road took me up to over 2000 feet in altitude.

Day One

What a wonderful day to be on the road.  The sky was blue and there was plenty of sun.  Traffic wasn't bad except for Chicago.  Chicago is Chicago. 

There were more squad cars along the way than I have ever seen before.  And even an overturned semi in the ditch alonside the interstate.  I missed that picture.

2014-Washington (DC) Craft Show

All is set to travel east, once again, to exhibit in a craft show.  This trip will clear two entrys on my bucket list.   Also this trip is the first time in my life that I will be exhibiting for two weekends in  back to back shows.

Version 2014

Every couple of years I try to make some of my Oval Tambour Boxes.  It is a project of love where improving technique seems to provide most of the enjoyment.  This time I need to make boxes to round out my display at the upcoming shows. 

What I Did Today

I have been working on the next generation of my Oval Tambour Box.  With this generation I am not labeling them as "jewlery" boxes as I have found this to be limiting as to their full functionality.  I will be using wood for the bottoms instead of velvet on some of this group.  There are a few other enhancements that have been added as well.  Three wood types are being used, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, and Birdseye Maple.


Jewelry Tower

A variation of my cabinet-on-stand design.  Provides seven drawers carried on all-wood full extension drawer slides behind two doors.

 This cabinet is 22 inches wide by 16 inches deep by about 52 inches.  It is made from Birdseye Maple with Spalted Maple door panels.  The pulls are made from Wenge.

Sofa Cabinet

Taking my design concept into another form and function.  I hope to start on this soon.

The inspiration came from a cabinet I made back in the day.  It was for my bride.  Back then it was hard to keep anything in our collection because there were always bills looming.  One day a client was visiting and noticed it in our dining room.   That was the end to our cabinet.

I have prepared a SketchUp animation and converted it to a video.

Birdseye Maple

The phone had a message at lunch.  My order of Birdseye Maple had arrived at the terminal.  So I finished lunch and headed over.  At the terminal I checked in and was admitted to the yard.  Drive around to the ramp they said but no one was around.  So I went up the ramp into the terminal and still saw no one.  Up some stairs was an officy-looking place with windows.  Up I went and entered the office.  I don't think they were expecting me as they queried whether I had been checked in.

The Pond

I just looked out the window at our small pond and saw the funniest thing yet.  One of the gold fish had found a three inch long worm and was swimming around quickly trying to out run the other gold fish chasing the after the trailing worm.  Then another fish grabbed onto the end of the worm and the worm became longer.  Just too funny.  If I try to go out and video they will scatter.  They haven't had time to get used to visitors.

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