Deja Vu

There was a day, long ago, when this scene happened for the last time, forever.  Maybe in '84.  A stack of packaged jewelry boxes waiting for the UPS driver to take them away.

Oval Tambour Desk - Maple

Introducing my Ovaltambour Desk made from Hard Maple with Birdseye Maple accents. The maple used in this desk was chosen from the whitest maple I could find. To maintain that glorious bright color I used SuperClear 9000 WB Interior Polyurethane from Target Coatings. No picture can capture the beauty of this desk.

Spring Thaw Day 2

Almost all of the ice is gone after being frozen over this morning.  The fishes are looking healthy.  And there is that faboulous Allied Precision Pond Breather.


Our Pond

We have had a small pond for many years.  It is 8 feet wide and 10 feet long with a depth of only 24 inches.  It is visible from our bedroom window.  Each spring we would buy some goldfish, usually feeder goldfish, and enjoy those until the pond froze over in late fall.

The Journey

After deciding to take a breather from the business of woodworking I took a job at Walnut Hollow. This was in early September of 1986. I would leave this position just two months later to work for a friend's company in Madison called Space Metrics. There I would learn the world of the European 32 MM boring system for cabinet making. 

Quite a pendulum swing that year; from mortise and tenon joinery with solid wood to melamine clad particle board!

The Journey

What is the most wonderful ensuing development of a dream pushed aside by the demands of Encore Career..!!

The Journey

In 1976, at UW-Madison, I got to meet James Krenov and shake his hand. He autographed my copy of his recent book, 'Cabinetmaker's Notebook'. Beyond that, I didn't read any of his other work but his design influence crept into mine through the years. 

Retired - Small Oval Tambour Jewelry Box

This box was designed to take advantage of the shared machining operations with the Medium Oval Tambour Jewelry Box.  It was priced lower because of its smaller size.  As long as it was being sold in quantity this worked out.  When I started working with wood again six years ago I naturally started to make them again.

I have decided to suspend making this box as it takes too much time for the price it gets.  I have two left, from the last vintage, 2011, that are for sale and after that they will cease to be available from me.

Ovaltambour website Being Retired

Six years ago my son helped get me started with my website,  I taught myself PHP and how to work with MySQL and HTML.  Lots of learning how to display images and video.  Lots and lots of time in hopes to sell my work online.  

Today I put in place a 301 redirect from ovaltambour to this website.  I am letting IndieMade handle the fine points of website administration so I can devote more time to my work.  This website also makes displaying and selling my work much easier.   I am optimistic for its success.

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