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It is The End of a Season

2020 was my very first year to recognize the end of my encore career as a furniture maker, the end of a season.  The perils of this most difficult year made the acceptance of this change tolerable.  Having found another interest also eased this transition.  So this leaves me with several hundred board feet of prime furniture making lumber and a few pieces of furniture that remain unclaimed.  My shop will be retained until all personal projects are completed.  My web site, will also be retained.  But the leftover fu

Practically Free

As time marches on, certain items I designed and made have remained unsold.  These are all made by my hand alone and of the finest materials.  They are ideas that interested me and presented a particular challange at the time.  They have been shown around the country at the finest shows receiving accolades and compliments.  And yet they remain in my storage area.  

2014 ACC Baltimore sans Moated Chess Table

The show is in just a couple weeks and I am getting psyched.  A new piece is being completed for the show.  It will still be warm from the oven by showtime.  Nothing is packed and the business kit is waiting for a refresh specific to this show.  I need to get a photo session completed before I can start with the latest sell sheets.

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