It is The End of a Season

2020 was my very first year to recognize the end of my encore career as a furniture maker, the end of a season.  The perils of this most difficult year made the acceptance of this change tolerable.  Having found another interest also eased this transition.  So this leaves me with several hundred board feet of prime furniture making lumber and a few pieces of furniture that remain unclaimed.  My shop will be retained until all personal projects are completed.  My web site, will also be retained.  But the leftover furniture has to go.  To that end, the following pieces are being offered to "best offer".  

Cabinet in Stand II  Black Cherry 2018-2

Introducing the second in the series of my cabinet in stand designs.  It is made from Black Cherry with an upper and lower cabinet within a stand.  The upper cabinet has one drawer, two shelves, and pigeonholes; the lower cabinet has two drawers. 

This cabinet is 60 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 16 inches deep.  The drawers are hung on slides that are full extension plus over travel so that the entire interior of the drawer is accessible.

 The back-side is finished beautifully.




























Tall Clock II 2019-4

Birdseye Maple & White Hard Maple
Introducing my design for a tall clock inspired by grandfather clocks of the past.

20" wide by 12 1/4" deep by 69 1/2" tall with shelf.  The dial is 9” in diameter.

Features RHYTHM Chiming Battery Clock Movement W/ PENDULUM 10 Melody Bell Chime 

Movement has 4 chime modes, three Christmas melodies, and 6 classic song melodies.  A Sound Demonstration Button, Volume Control, and Night Sensor

Shut-off between the hours of 11pm-5:45am























Small Table Black Cherry  2019-1

Introducing a small table that is inspired by a custom order of the past.  is made with Black Cherry.

The dimensions are 40" long by 12" wide by 34" tall.   It features two drawers on steel, over extension slides.


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