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2014 ACC Baltimore - Retail Day 2

Day 2 of retail done and far, far, far less sales than last time I was here. The first four hours the crowd was completely different from Friday. 2nd four hours was a more engaging crowd.

P.S. None of the be-backers showed up today. Maybe tomorrow.

2014 ACC Baltimore - Retail Day 1

Day 1 of retail is done. 10 hours and better sales than last time I was here. Many people leaving the booth saying "I'll be back". After a while I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the booth. Had terrific booth neighbors that helped get through the long day.

I also managed to get several referrals from local people for resturants serving quality crab cakes.

2014 ACC Baltimore - Setup Day

Ody and I were in the setup line by 8:30AM on Wednesday.  I wanted to be the first one in line but missed it by a few vehicles.  Nonetheless we were escorted in to my booth right about 9:00AM.  I commenced to unload. 












2014 ACC Baltimore - The Journey Day 1

The drive went smoothly to the first stop over.  Starting out in a fresh dump of snow.









The drive through Chicago was quick.  Before I knew, Indiana was in front of me.

2014 ACC Baltimore - What have I forgotten?

Ody is loaded, my gear is packed and loaded, the Garmin is programmed, E-ZPass is in place.  It appears all is ready for the trip to Baltimore.  I am hoping for courteous drivers, clear roads, and no drama.

My bride is sending me off with a very good meal and some treats.  I wish she could come along.

2014 ACC Baltimore sans Moated Chess Table

The show is in just a couple weeks and I am getting psyched.  A new piece is being completed for the show.  It will still be warm from the oven by showtime.  Nothing is packed and the business kit is waiting for a refresh specific to this show.  I need to get a photo session completed before I can start with the latest sell sheets.

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