August 2017

My First Makita 4x24 Belt Sander

For the last nine years I have limited my procurement of 4x24 belt sanders to used ones.  They were usually some model of a Porter Cable sander.  PC sanders are heavier sanders than the Milwaukee belt sanders I preferred back in the day.  Milwaukee stopped making them and I found that used ones are all crapped up so I decided to try a Makita 4x24 sander, brand spanking new.  It comes with a very long cord.















The Giant Hafele Catalog

One day, recently, I signed up for an account with Hafele so I could buy directly from them.  Once all signed up I got a welcoming email offering me a $25 coupon withan expiration of 30 days from the date of the email.

It was after all that that I discovered I would have to order $750 to meet their minimum order.  Well, isn't that sweet.

Two weeks later I receive this rather heavy package from an unknown entity.