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Day Five And Six

I am grouping these two days as they are not worth the ink used to discuss them.  Again very poor attandance and sales.  Sunday was load-out day and, for me, that went smoothly.  I take so long to get packed up that the dock had a loading space very close to the ramp into the hall when I was ready to load.

I was glad to have done this show and sad to learn that all the "talk" was true.  This show took me years of rejections before I got in.  My work was praised by the few attandees that came to the show.  

Day Four

Friday, Oct 31.  First day of the show.  Just tons of really great Fine Crafts people and work.  I felt honored to be set up in their midst.  I rode the Metro in today, the first time ever for me.  Going in was pleasant.  

Attendance was quite light with several long periods of no attendees.  I sold one small item all day.  Ouch!

Here is my booth.  It is a terrible image, I apologize.

Day Three

Spent last night in a small 50's motel with almost zero ammenities.  I slept well, though,  A few hours of driving brought me to the hotel in DC and I checked in after being lectured about checkin times.  I had arrived just under two hours early.  Luckily the lady at the desk interceded the man's torrent and I was in my room lickity split.  Within two hours after that I was carting my exhibit into the hall.  After unloading I parked Ody three stories underground a few blocks away.  I continued to setup until 9:00PM.

Day Two

Another very nice day.  This part of the trip, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, really excites me.  The fall color, the almost mountainess weaving of the highway, the broad valley vistas.  It all makes me feel incredibly at peace with life.  And there has got to be more than a thousand Black Cherry trees growing in those forests.  The road took me up to over 2000 feet in altitude.

Day One

What a wonderful day to be on the road.  The sky was blue and there was plenty of sun.  Traffic wasn't bad except for Chicago.  Chicago is Chicago. 

There were more squad cars along the way than I have ever seen before.  And even an overturned semi in the ditch alonside the interstate.  I missed that picture.

2014-Washington (DC) Craft Show

All is set to travel east, once again, to exhibit in a craft show.  This trip will clear two entrys on my bucket list.   Also this trip is the first time in my life that I will be exhibiting for two weekends in  back to back shows.

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