Gyokucho #372 Rip Cut Dozuki (Dovetail) Saw

For years I used a traditional push-type dove-tail saw.  Didn't even look at pull saws.  Then a couple years ago I picked up one of those dowel trimming flexible blade pull saws at Menards.  Shortly after I was using it to cut dovetails on my world famous thin-sided small drawers.  I continued to work with that small saw until very recently when I was trying to cut dovetails to join the corners of a cabinet.  The saw was getting dull and was overwelmed by the 3/4" thick stock.

Sanding Panels

This video shows how I sand panels, large and small.  I start with 120 grit and follow with 180 grit.  The belts I use are White non-loading sanding belts to resist clogging.  They cut much longer that the regular resin coated belts.

Craft Show Discovery-Exit Statements

From the first year of my career all the way to the second year of my encore career in furniture making I sat with my work, in a booth, exhibiting at various craft shows.  From day one I kept getting all kinds of complimentary comments about my work.  I was convinced that the people loved my designs and craftsmanship.   But my sales told a different story.

Introducing Cabinet on Stand V

Introducing the fifth in the series of my Cabinet on Stand designs.  The inspiration is from an image that appeared in my mind a few months ago.  I wanted to float a small cabinet within tall curved legs.  It is made from Black Cherry lumber.  

What does "making expenses" mean?

I often hear the statement "I made expenses" from exhibitors at poorly attended shows.  I ask if they included the cost of replacing the inventory they sold as an expense.  Consistently the answer is "no".


I have been working on some stools for the upcoming show.  They are my "Seating II" series.  About 18 1/2 inches tall.  Two walnut stools are already sold.  Here is a picture of the leg assemblies waiting for final sanding before entering the finishing area.







39th Annual Morristown CraftMarket - Observations

I exhibited at this show back in 1982.  It was a very good show for attendance and sales at that time.  I returned this year as part of my encore career in furniture making.  I am trying to do each show I did back in the day, one more time, sort of a farewell tour.

Introducing the Decade Box

1986 saw the decline of my great plan to have my own furniture designer/maker business.  It would be my last year as a furniture maker until my encore career started in 2008.  I had ceased doing the fine craft show circuit, for the most part, in 1984.  The following two years saw me making computer furniture for a distributer.  However I still managed to prototype some of my designs which lead us into this story.


My Apologies

It may appear that I have dropped off the face of the world with my lack of posts and exhibits at shows.  This is caused by my deep concentration on a very involved furniture project I accepted late last year.  I speculated that it would consume most of this year and it is. 

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