Introducing the Decade Box

1986 saw the decline of my great plan to have my own furniture designer/maker business.  It would be my last year as a furniture maker until my encore career started in 2008.  I had ceased doing the fine craft show circuit, for the most part, in 1984.  The following two years saw me making computer furniture for a distributer.  However I still managed to prototype some of my designs which lead us into this story.


Recently I was looking at an old box of mine that we keep dominos in.  That box has been around so long that it was practically transparent.  It was an idea for a box that was way less complicated than the boxes I usually made but still nice in appearance.  I have just one and it is signed and dated 1986.  I don’t recall if it was ever shown anywhere but since there is only one now and I usually made five in a prototype run I have to assume there are a few out there somewhere.   So I vowed to make drawings for a new one utilizing my current wooden hinge instead of the brass butt hinges used on the 1986 version.

Then the Morristown CraftMarket showtime got closer and I decided to try to get a few made in time to take to this show.  I am calling them version 1 as I will not be making any more this same way.  I have several minor changes to the design that will be incorporated if I make them again.  It seems this simple design lends itself to many interesting variances.  I fear, though, that the original desire for simplicity is slipping away from me.

Here are a couple pictures of my new Decade Box to be introduced at the 2016 Morristown Craft Market next week.



















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