Gyokucho #372 Rip Cut Dozuki (Dovetail) Saw

For years I used a traditional push-type dove-tail saw.  Didn't even look at pull saws.  Then a couple years ago I picked up one of those dowel trimming flexible blade pull saws at Menards.  Shortly after I was using it to cut dovetails on my world famous thin-sided small drawers.  I continued to work with that small saw until very recently when I was trying to cut dovetails to join the corners of a cabinet.  The saw was getting dull and was overwelmed by the 3/4" thick stock.  I had finally arrived at the moment of change.

I googled until I was sick of it and took a closer look at the one saw that rose to the top of my search, the Gyokucho #372 Rip Cut Dozuki (Dovetail) Saw.  I can't even pronounce the name but I went with the reviews and bought one.  It arrived this morning and I tried it on 3/4" thick walnut end grain.  I'm going to like working with this saw.

While the saw layed on the bench it said something that riled up the PM66.  I asked them to play nice but I can't understand what the Dozuki is saying either.  The printed instructions? that came with the saw are that scripty stuff.


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