Birdseye Maple

The phone had a message at lunch.  My order of Birdseye Maple had arrived at the terminal.  So I finished lunch and headed over.  At the terminal I checked in and was admitted to the yard.  Drive around to the ramp they said but no one was around.  So I went up the ramp into the terminal and still saw no one.  Up some stairs was an officy-looking place with windows.  Up I went and entered the office.  I don't think they were expecting me as they queried whether I had been checked in.  They took my paperwork, checked their computers and I was in.  A young man appeared and went to get my pallet of lumber.  I went out and prepared my van for loading.  A few minutes the forklift appeared on the ramp with my lumber.



The bundle was placed on the ground behind the van for easy loading.  It had been palletized for an end lift and well covered with plastic and strapped with heavy banding.




The forklift driver helped load the boards, one at a time, into the van.  The loading went quickly and I was on my way.  Back at the shop it was time to unload.  Birdseye Maple is heavy. 



It took me an hour to get all this into the shop.  














And of course the neighbors kitty, Vader, stopped by to assist.




Originally I was going to drive 6 hours north to purchase this lumber in person.  I crunched some numbers and found that I could have it shipped to the terminal a few miles from the shop for less than the cost of gas to drive up.   Maybe next time.


Rockwell sander 6x48 parts

See that you had a belt sander 6 x 48 and that you had it all and parts I was wondering if you still have it for sale if you do please contact me because I like to buy the whole all of it to see if I could get mind all back together thank you


What are you talking about? Where did you see that I had a sander all apart?

6 x 48 belt sander

belt sander 6 x 48 parts for sale wonder if you still have it I would like to buy all of it to see if I can get mine all back together thank you ROAD

You can contact me via email,

You can contact me via email,

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