My Old Shaper Morphed Into A Router Table

I finally completed the transformation of my old Delta HD shaper into a router table.  I have long felt that router tables were a weak substitute for a good shaper.  That feeling was greatly modified by the last three years of a very idle shaper and constant use of a home brew router table utilizing a plywood top covered with plastic laminate.  My work, now,  is well suited to a good router table.  

Yes, I splurged a bit, but I wanted the best I could cobble together.  It has a cast iron table from the Excalibur router table series made by the now defunct General International Company of Canada .  I found it at, of all places, at the Home Depot Online Warehouse.   The fence is also an Excalibur product also procured from Home Depot's Online warehouse.  I installed a Wixley Digital Readout to the Jessem Rout-R-Lift II router lift for precision work.  I still really love the Wixley readout I installed on my planer in 2011.  I was also able to find both the horizontal and vertical feather boards made for this table and fence.  And I found a paddle switch that is a real magnetic motor starter.  No more reaching under the table to feel around for the router switch.  No more pulling the router motor out of the table to change cutters.  No more guessing about how deep the cutter bit is.  And no more clamping a squared up board to the table to create a fence.  And a dust collection fitting which should make for a cleaner routing environment.


Router Table

Some days ago, I read an article to choosing a perfect router table for my project, but that time I was confused which one is perfect for me? Then this post helps me to find out the perfect one. This is very nice post and also helpful for us. Thanks and keep sharing :)

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