Basketry, the next challange?



Last year I became aware of Leon Neihues, a basketmaker from Arkansas.  I believe there was mention of his work in the American Craft Magazine.  Once I saw this basket of his my soul was stirred.

I decided to check into this art form, Basketry, made from hand split White Oak.  I did a bunch of internet surfing and bought two books so far.  The Basket Book: Over 30 Magnificent Baskets to Make and Enjo by Lyn Siler and Appalachian White Oak Basketmaking: Handing Down Basket by Rachel Nash Law.  I have also been in touch with Leon Neihues but he is very busy.  I have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable class any where within reason.


During my google travels I learned the the Racine Art Museum has a Neihues basket in their collection.  I contacted RAM through their site to see if the basket was on display.  They responded with a "no" for a basket on display and a "not anytime in the near future" for a plan to display this basket.  So no chance to see one up close.




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