HVLP Turbine Gives Up The Ghost

I have to ask you, my readers, why do these things happen when they do?  I was just starting to finish the custom order I was working on when I heard that awful growling sound of a bearing becoming useless.  Next I heard the smoke alarm making a racket so I hung up the spray gun and went out to see what the commotion was.  

I run my three stage turbine just outside the finishing room because of the noise it makes.  I couldn't afford one of the "quiet" models.  I don't know why the smoke alarm activated as I could not see or smell any smoke.  The turbine was indeed dead.  I quickly sent emails to the distributor who sold me the unit and the company who manufactured it.  I asked for a solution to my problem.  I was secretly hoping for a speedy reply offering a modest cost solution.

The speedy reply took 48 hours to arrive essentially telling me to buy a new unit.  Long before the 48 hours elapsed I decided to start searching for my own solution.  I first approached getting a new vacuum motor for the unit.  I took the old turbine completely apart to see if I could find a part number.


I did find a part number and started a google search.  I couldn't find an exact match but sent an email question to a supplier that had promising pictures.  So there I was, still no solution and an overdue order waiting to be finished.  I began thinking that this turbine failure was a message to just get another but to upgrade to a four stage turbine.  I didn't want to buy from the same company again.  After a couple hours of research I came across a company that struck me that they were interested in my business.  I went ahead and took the plunge for a new turbine.  I also decided to try to find a new motor so I would have a backup turbine.

The following day I worked on other things.  That evening I continued the search for a new motor.  I don't quite recall how but I ended up on ebay and found one that looked exactly like the old motor and had a very reasonable price.   I took a chance and bought it.  


The 48 hour period has ended with an answer from the distributor and manufacturer, buy a new unit or have us put in a new motor for the same price of a new unit.  The other supplier answered as well with a wealth of information about these motors and options I could pursue.  He was a bit miffed that I bought a new motor before hearing from him and I felt bad that I did it as well.  I like to support people who show an interest in having my business.  I assured him that if the ebay motor didn't work out I would be in touch with him.

A full week after the death of the old turbine I was back in the finishing business with the new, and remarkedly quiet HVLP turbine.  The ebay motor arrived today and was quickly placed into the old turbine case.  Fit like a glove.  Now I have a backup turbine.  


Should you want to try this motor replacement for this model turbine, look for a motor with this number on it.



The completed motor replacement.  


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