The Journey

In 1976, at UW-Madison, I got to meet James Krenov and shake his hand. He autographed my copy of his recent book, 'Cabinetmaker's Notebook'. Beyond that, I didn't read any of his other work but his design influence crept into mine through the years. 

When I learned of his passing, last September (2009), I was saddened. This summer (2010) thoughts of him started to occupy my mind more frequently. I have now acquired every one of his books and am busily reading them. In my older years I think I understand what he is saying and why I didn't buy it when I was younger. I have found a picture of one of his pieces that I want to try and make. In the process of reverse engineering it I learned more than I would have ever imagined about how he made things and how I couldn't subscribe to all of his methods. Some of his joinery uses dowels and I have not been comfortable using dowels in fine furniture. 

In August, 2012, I had the pleasure of visiting The College of the Redwoods where Krenov taught for 21 years until his retirement.  One of the last cabinets that Krenov made before he finished teaching now resides nearby. I was shown that cabinet and also his workbench which my hand touched. My hand has again touched a part of the Krenov Legacy. 

Upon return from that trip I set out to study the Krenov piece I had fallen in love with in 2010.  By the end of 2012 it was complete with a few of my own additions.


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